Digital transformation done right

Our Services

Digital Roadmap.

We help you design your digital Strategy and roadmap for the future

Roadmap Management.

We help you manage the implementation of your digital roadmap and support your digital growth path

Solution Development.

Sometimes there’s no ready made solutions to fix your issues. We can implement the solutions for you using modern, Open source, future proof technologies.

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About Us

“Breaking beta” is a climbing term meaning solving the route in a more efficient and simpler way than it was originally designed.

Our passion is to find the most efficient and simple solutions that best fit your company. We want to “break” the old way of doing things by including not only the technological solutions but also strongly focusing on changing your company culture to have a more digital mindset.


Our mission is to support companies to start their path to digitalization and help them on that path in any way possible.


Our Vision is to be the go-to partner for companies looking for a more wholesome digital transformation path.

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Why Choose Us?

With over 12 years of experience working with large and small clients from multiple industries (Food & Beverage, Metal Manufacturing, public sector, etc.) providing digital services. We have a strong understanding of the digital needs for companies that have their core business traditionally been outside of the digital world.

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Have a Project on mind?

Are you thinking of defining a digital strategy for your company or maybe already in process of implementing it but could use some support? Let us know and we’ll help you.

Create a more wholesome picture for your Digital Transformation

When talking digital we commonly talk about tools, technologies and processes. However what we forget is the people and culture and this is commonly why 70% of digital transformation processes fail. We support you to not only choose the correct tools and technologies but also change the culture and include the people to make sure your company’s digital transformation happens smoothly.

Who we are?

Currently “we” are a one man business looking to grow. When talking digitalization size does not matter as much and bigger is not always better. Don’t believe me? Send me a message and let’s talk. Maybe I can change your mind.

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Kimmo Röppänen

Founder, CEO


I’m an experienced IT-professional with over 12 years of experience working on projects in all levels from developer to manager with companies on multiple industries. With my wide background experience I’m can understand the digital requirements on all levels of the company from production floor to c-level management.


  • M.Sc. in Software development
  • MBA in Applied finance and accounting & Renewal and transformation